The Salvation Army Continues to Answer the Call in Nepal

On April 25, 2015, a
7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal left over 5000 dead and twice as many injured.  The Salvation Army immediately mobilized emergency response personnel and supplies.  A call to pray for the survivors was sent, as The Salvation Army and The Salvation Army Vision Network,, sent teams to Nepal providing basic, urgent needs with shelter, food, water and other necessary relief items.

The Salvation Army has arrived on site in remote areas that have not received outside help. has sent a film crew to aid the community and speak to survivors.  The Salvation Army has headed to outlying areas including Sindhupal, taking shovels and axes to help villagers excavate bodies buried in collapsed buildings.  The devastated terrain has made it extremely difficult to reach these areas due to landslides and floods resulting from the most devastating disaster to hit Nepal since the 1934 Nepal Bihar earthquake.

Then on May 12th, a second strong earthquake hit the region, killing dozens and  injuring thousands of residents of a poor, mountain region in Nepal.  The Salvation Army Vision Network, has a crew on the ground recording stories of the great need for donations to help the people of Nepal recover.  You can donate by going to either or




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