The Face of Hunger



What does the face of hunger look like to you?  Can you tell by looking at someone if they are hungry?  Chances are, you’ve probably seen a few hungry people today as one in ten people in our community struggle to get enough to eat.


The Salvation Army in Central Ohio greets the face of hunger each and every day.  Last year alone, we provided hot meals, fixings for a holiday meal or a three-day supply of healthy food choices to 91,000 hungry neighbors.  Here are some personal testimonies from those who have been helped recently.


A mother of three, Alecia visits our East Main food pantry location three to four times a year.  She also volunteers in the food pantry to give back a little bit of the kindness and security she has been so freely offered.  She recently shared this while stacking canned goods on the shelves of the pantry:


“It’s a friendly environment in the food pantry.  They are kind and they make you feel comfortable, they want you to come back.  They want you to ask them things, they want to help…that’s the best thing.”


Then there’s Judy, who when she’d exhausted her savings and retirement caring for her family, turned to The Salvation Army for help.  She receives a monthly senior food box full of food staples.   She says she never expected to be one to come to The Salvation Army for help.  “I looked around and realized that I am not the only one struggling,” said Judy.  “If it weren’t for The Salvation Army, I would really have a hard time stretching my food budget to last the whole month.”


One of our After School Learning Center students recently shared that his parents encourage him to attend the After School Learning Center Program every day because it is a safe place for him where he can learn.  His family is also comforted by the fact that he always receives a hot meal because there often isn’t enough food at home.


There are countless personal stories of hunger in our community.  During our Hunger Knows No Season Food Drive, please consider helping The Salvation Army combat hunger by donating a few items into the collection bins at all Delaware and Franklin County Kroger stores.

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