Salvation Army hosts VIP

Salvation Army Staff welcomed The United Way’s Shari Marsh and Congressman Jim Jordon, Ohio 4th District, and his staff last week at our Marysville offices.  They shared some sobering statistics and information on the number of people in need served by The Salvation Army and area partner agencies.

“We estimate that The Salvation Army, along with three other food pantry partners, are on track to serve 13,000 Union County community members in 2014,” said Jodi Peterson-Sonstein, Salvation Army Union County Program Manager.

Jordon shared that he wasn’t surprised at this large number because he thinks there is a misconception among the community that everyone is doing just fine in Union County but visits to The Salvation Army and other area social services agencies prove otherwise.

Jordon was also especially interested in our new Supportive Services for Veteran Families program that will expand to three additional rural counties in 2015.  Along with his tour of various Marysville, Ohio agencies and businesses, Jordon attended a veterans roundtable to discuss issues affecting current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Rep. Jordan and his staff have provided Fourth District veterans help with receiving benefits from the Veterans Affairs Department.

Wrapping up his tour with staff, Jordon thanked our staff for all the great and important work they do in the community.

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Marysville Salvation Army Staff with Shari Marsh, United Way, and congressman Jim Jordon, Ohio 4th District

Help us meet the increasing need for our food pantries by holding a Canned Food Drive. 

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