National Salvation Army Week

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May 11-17th is National Salvation Army Week
National Salvation Army week has been celebrated since 1954 when it was declared by the United Stated Congress and proclaimed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. To The Salvation Army, National Salvation Army week is a time for us to thank all of our generous donors and volunteers who allow us to accomplish all that we do.
This year, 2015, this week has special significance because we are celebrating our 150th anniversary.  The Salvation Army began 150 years ago when a 36-year-old Methodist minister named William Booth and his wife, Catherine, began reaching out to drunkards, prostitutes and thieves in the slums of London, England. The Booths offered food, shelter, clothing, and a spiritual message. From there The Salvation Army brand was born.
The Booths later adopted a credo: “Soup, soap and salvation.” They served in that same order, concluding that people in need will not bother listening to the Good News until their most basic needs are first met. Today the credo still rings true. Across America and in 126 countries around the world, The Salvation Army continues to fight for millions of souls by providing services to the most downtrodden of those around us.
In Central Ohio and around the world celebrations are planned to commemorate our sesquicentennial. Please check our web site to learn how we are celebrating locally.

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