Interns Contribute to Many Departments


By Isabelle Beecy, The Ohio State University Journalism student

This past semester, I was able to intern with the Salvation Army in the development department. Many other departments, like the housing and anti-human trafficking departments, have interns that assist with the vital day-to-day work that helps so many people in our community.  For me, an internship was a requirement to graduate but this experience has allowed me to test the waters of the real world.  As my time comes to a close, I wish it didn’t have to end.

From being nervous the very first time I came to the office to today, it’s been an extremely fun experience and one that I’ve learned from. I’ve been able to go to meetings, write Facebook and Twitter posts, write blogs for the website, look into finding groups to volunteer here, and so much more. My internship supervisor even invited me to go with her to a radio interview with Sunny 95! These opportunities likely would never have come around had I not been an intern at the Salvation Army.

The people I’ve worked with here at the Salvation Army have been some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They’ve explained things to me that I didn’t know (and maybe should have) and treated me with lots of respect as well as giving me more responsibility than many interns probably get. For example, I’ve been able to help edit programs, find people to invite to events and to volunteer, and create content for the website and the organization’s social media accounts. On top of that, they took the time to ask me about my day and got to me on a more personal note. For that, I truly thank them.

I’m incredibly sad that my time here at the Salvation Army has come to an end. I will truly miss coming in to the Salvation Army and getting to interact with the people in this department. While it hasn’t always been glamorous or fancy – there has still been copying and other routine internship duties – I wish I could keep coming back to intern here. If there was a way I could still be as involved with the Salvation Army as I am now, I would be a very happy girl. The thing I will likely miss the most is the sense of community among the people within the departments.  Co-workers wander in and out of offices, shout across the hallway to each other to just talk, and asks about details of each others’ personal lives and families. This showed me that everyone genuinely cares about each other.  This is truly a special place.


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